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Arrangement of curriculum:

 In accordance with the present curriculum and board syllabus, the whole academic year is divided into two terms. One is the half yearly examination and the other is annual examination. Each term will be arranged once in a six month of a year.

Ø  Two monthly examinations before each term will be held and in total four exams will be taken in each year.

Ø  Class is conducted as per 'Lesson plan’ for every subject which includes aims and objectives

Ø  of a particular lesson.Class work, homework and practice etc are also done.

Ø  The syllabus is completed and thoroughly revised within allocated time assigned for each term.

Ø  All answer scripts are strictly evaluated as per marks distribution and evaluation procedure as

Ø  mentioned in the syllabus book.

Ø  After the evaluation, answer scripts are sent for the signature of the parents.

Ø  The weaker students may get chance to attend special classes.

Ø  At least one class is conducted by multimedia system in a week.

Ø  Speaking in English is mandatory for all English version students. Selected classes have to be attended on English language/spoken classes on Saturdays.

Ø  Students must have to be attended in all class tests before each term according to schedule.

Ø  Result of every monthly exam is published in the school diary and term results are in the

Ø  report card. In parents meeting the report cards are given.

Ø  According to the rules of the institution, students without obtaining the Grade A- or GPA-3.5 will not be allowed to be promoted in the next class. The students who have failed in the exam may be detained in the same class maximum for two years. But if the student fails in the next year also, he will be terminated with TC. The decision of the Academic Council will be treated as final.

Preparation of the Result :

In every terminal examination, the following measures are followed to prepare result.


A. Half Yearly Examination Distribution:

a. Monthly Exam

25 Marks for each Subject

b. Class Work home work and S.B.A

10 marks for each Subject.

c. Half yearly Exam

100 marks for each Subject.


B. Annual Exam will Follow Half Yearly Distribution

a. 4 Monthly Exam- (25x4)

100 Marks

b. Half yearly Exam -----

100 Marks

c. Annual Exam--------------

100 Marks


300 Marks

The following Grading structure is followed























Examination System
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