Disciplinary measures

Green Field School & College is an ideal place for learning punctuality and discipline in an academic atmosphere. Since its establishment, the institution encourages the teaching of discipline and punctuality by the learners. Every student of this institution must have to abide by the rules and regulations. If any code of discipline is violated, immediate action will be taken by the school Discipline Committee. All students must abide by the following rules of School.

Students Instructions

Compulsory rules and instructions (Approved by the decision of the Governing Body)
1.    The students have to come to the school campus on right time in proper uniform. If the school gate is closed, no entrance will be allowed further.
2.    ‘Identification form’ of school Diary must be filled up with authentic information & signature by the parents including their personal and residential phone number.
3.    No student is allowed in unnecessary roaming around the campus or outside the class room.
4.    Escape from school is punishable. If any student bunks off the classes he/she will be expelled.
  If any student carries anything except educational materials, strong action will be taken against him and consequently he/she may be expelled from the institution in-accordance with the nature of the offence.
6.    If any student can’t attend classes for three days due to health-sickness, an application must be submitted immediately with the guardians signature and doctors prescription.
7.    Tiffin is mandatory for all students and they will take it in their own classroom at tiffin period.
8.    Students have to pay the demurrage if any equipment is damaged or lost in the practical class. 
9. Students must be silent and well-disciplined at the time of entrance and exit from the college campus. No student is allowed to form any crowd at the outside or beside the school campus. They must not create or get involved into any quarrelsome activities and must return home after the school hour.
10. Student will remain in the same class in case of failure in the Annual Examination and will have to continue in the same class in the next year. The student must submit his/her application to the class teacher in the 1st class of the new academic year.
11. Students and guardians are not allowed to use the office telephone. But in emergency the phone is only allowed to use after informing the class teacher.
12.  Private cars should not stop in front of the main gate. Students who come to school in a private car must be dropped off and picked up from the place away from the main gate of the school.
13.  100% attendance is mandatory. All students must be present regularly. Without any unavoidable circumstances or without prior permission from the authority student cannot remain absent. If anyone remains absent for any reason, he must submit an application with the signature of his parents on the following day. If his attendance is less than 90% he will not be allowed to sit for the exam.
14.  Gold Jewellery is not allowed. However, the girl students may wear small gold ear rings. Students must use black rubber band/white ribbon. If they have long hair, they must make two plaits: If they have short hair, they must make two ponytails. They can’t dye hair, wear nose pin & pluck eye brows. A student can not apply henna on hand.
15.  Students must not enter into the teacher’s room without permission. During the tiffin period they must not enter into the teachers common room.
16.  In case of any problem, they will discuss with their class teachers to solve it.
17.  Students will not walk around in front of the Principal’s/Vice-Principal’s room without any purpose.
18.  Students should acquire the virtue of patriotism, courtesy and modesty and practice moral values. They should have respect for their parents, seniors and teachers and be polite to them always.
        The instructions must be abided by the students.


Dr. Rehana Parvin





Ø  No student without proper uniform is allowed to enter into the campus.

Ø  Participation in the Morning Assembly allotted for every class on certain dates is compulsory.

Ø  Every student must come to school within 7.40 a.m in morning.

Ø  Students must have to carry their ID card and home made tiffin.

Ø  Bringing of any type of electronic device such as mobile phone, Tab etc are strictly prohibited.

Ø  Any student trying to be involved in any anti-disciplinary activities, quarrelling, being, inattentive, bullying, irritating in the class room must be taken under punishment

Ø  Every student will be monitored by Head Boys and Head Girls of the College



Rules & Regulations
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