The people of Mirpur have been realizing for a long time that
quality educational institutions are essential for the growing
population of  Mirpur in the growing Dhaka metropolis.
Realizing the need to set up a modern educational institution
for the purpose of providing up-to-date education to the
children of the large population living in Dhaka city,
a full-fledged educational institution called "Greenfield College"
has been established since 2007 academic year with some
prominent social workers, social reformers and educators
of Dhaka city.This institution will be run by creating a pollution
free environment away from all kinds of political activities.
In the near future, it will be turned into a Greenfield
University to ensure higher education for its students.
The role of standard educational institutions is essential
for the development of genuine talent and development
of real people in the practice of modern knowledge.This
educational institution is following the standard modern
consciousness and epoch-making method of imparting
education. The main objective of education should be to
develop the human child to its full potential by developing free
intellect and human qualities. Education awakens human humanity
and is used for survival. Therefore, the main goal and objective of
this educational institution is to make the students well-educated,
polite and confident people by imparting true education. This
educational institution will be for the welfare of all classes of people
irrespective of religion, caste, and creed.
Mission & Vision
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