The school Library

The school library is spacious, well furnished and resourceful with a huge collection of both academic and non academic books and references. The Library lends books to the students by issuing a card. Besides, students from different classes have opportunity to have library classes and access to readable materials.

Laboratories/Computer Lab

The college has well equipped and decorated modern Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology on 9th floor. Computer club is equipped with internet facilities for the students. Learning computer is compulsory for all.

Guide/Class Teacher

One Class Teacher is detailed for thirty students in each class who supervises on the learners educational needs and activities. Therefore, all guardians usually maintain regular communication to the class teachers to enquire about the progress and problems of their wards and the class teacher will report and respond to their need and queries.

One guide teacher is provided for helping at least ten weak students to ensure their educational development in each class. The guide teacher keeps communication with their parents on academic and other disciplinary aspects. A student may be detained for two hours for being inattentive and indifferent in their studies after school time with the concent of the concerned guardian.

A School Diary

A school diary is an important material for all students. It makes a connection between school and his guardian. The attendance, merit status, character and advancement and status of studies, behavioral status etc are communicated to the guardians. Besides that, the Progress of Class work, Home work and assignments etc are also communicated to the guardians.

The school diary serves multi-purpose aims. The guardians may take necessary steps on the teachers comments which must be signed by the guardians regularly. Guardians may also write opinions, suggestions on the teachers remarks.


Parents meeting/Parents Day

At the beginning of every academic year usually after fifteen days and before both the half yearly and final examinations parents meeting is held. Saturdays are also open for guardians to talk to the teachers on different issues related to the studies of their wards. The discussion between the guardians and teachers helps to achieve the desired standard of education and expected result.

Meeting time with Principal / Co-ordinator:

Everyday: From 12pm to 3 pm.

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